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Cannan Limited is committed to developing novel, cutting-edge solutions for our clients, such as aiding in the recruitment and retention of specialised talent. Whether you need more staff for a project, to upskill an existing team, or continuing assistance and advice, we can help.


Thank you for coming to our website. Cannan Ltd is a healthcare recruitment company that offers highly personalised recruitment solutions virtually. Our recruitment services are available on a permanent or temporary basis. We are here to assist you with everything you require. Look through our website. If you have any questions, please contact our staff; we would be pleased to assist you.

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We Deliver Our Services Virtually

Our organisation was created with the intention of introducing proven executive search techniques to the health and social care industry. We are market specialists with unrivalled access to the industry’s greatest people and prospects.

We specialise in offering healthcare professionals at all levels of seniority with permanent and temporary recruiting options. Some of our most important clients are Nursing/Residential Care Home Groups, Private Hospitals, and Mental Health Organizations.

We are able to execute extensive search campaigns due to our incredibly proactive strategy and our experts’ access to a wide library of materials. As a consequence, the best candidate for the position is discovered every time.


Cannan Ltd is looking for experienced RGNs and RMNs to work in residential and nursing homes across the United Kingdom.



As a support worker or carer, you may be in charge of providing care to people with varying degrees of disability and challenges.


You will be working with people who have dementia, Alzheimer's disease, learning disabilities, end-of-life care, and other conditions.


Support Workers

In this position, it is essential to be knowledgeable as the health and happiness of individuals frequently depend on the provision of care that is both effective and sufficient.


Permanent Staff Solutions

Cannan Limited’s expertise and collaborative approach can ensure that you find the right fit for your business needs. This includes everything from finding you the best candidates looking for job enlargement and enrichment through taking on new roles to head-hunting those passive candidates who are currently available on the market.

Temporary Staff Solutons

Cannan Limited makes it far simpler than it ever was before for businesses to hire personnel through our temporary solution. This solution can be ideal for getting trained and experienced health professionals onboard quickly and flexibly, whether you need additional manpower for a shift or you want to upskill an existing team.

Cannan Limited

About Us

We have created a reputation for exceptional service and client experience since our beginning in 2014. Our main purpose is to give great service to candidates and customers from an agency led by diligent experts that understand the healthcare sector inside and out.

Cannan Limited is a healthcare recruiting agency that positions healthcare professionals from various medical disciplines, including nurses and carers, in public and private sector healthcare settings across the United Kingdom.


We know that the quality of our healthcare staff, the degree to which they enjoy their jobs, and their ability to give patients excellent care are all important to our organization’s ability to keep up its current level of success.


We are known for our custom healthcare recruitment services. We know that each search assignment is different, so we make each recruitment plan to fit. We don’t re-use long lists, and we don’t send out search delivery to other companies.