Permanent Staffing Solutions

Cannan Limited is able to offer you individualised pricing because we are dedicated to providing you with trustworthy permanent employees that deliver high-quality healthcare services. This commitment enables us to meet your needs in the best possible manner.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals never fails to meet or surpass expectations, all the while maintaining compassion, respect, and dignity in their work. Most importantly, we have a complete understanding of the ways in which rotas have an impact on the costs and budgets that are associated with your department.

Our objective has always been to fulfil the requirements and requirements of providers of all sizes, whether they be small or large. Our team is committed to finding solutions to the persistent problems that arise throughout the process of permanent recruitment in healthcare settings. Delivering important support at crucial moments has always been our aim, and doing so has helped us develop within the business.


Are you a healthcare employer that would be interested in the solutions or services we offer for permanent workforce needs?

We ask that you provide a brief explanation of your staffing needs in the form that is provided below, and then we will get in touch with you.

Why we feel you would want to work with us?

  • All of the candidates were screened in advance using different methods like psychometric tests, phone interviews, and/or video interviews.
  • Work packages that are either unique or kept.
  • We do executive searches for senior positions.
  • There is extensive research, reporting, and analysis.
  • Salary benchmarking and market mapping.
  • One-of-a-kind employer branding and recruitment campaigns
  • Simplified the hiring process to keep people interested.

Cannan Limited may be the appropriate place for you if you are interested in a career in the health and social care profession and are enthusiastic about working as part of a team that cares about making a difference while offering great services to customers. For more information: