Are you thinking about starting a career as a carer or support worker?

As a support worker or carer, you may be in charge of providing care to people with varying degrees of disability and challenges. In this position, it is essential to be knowledgeable as the health and happiness of individuals frequently depend on the provision of care that is both effective and sufficient.

Individual Traits and Preferences

A professional carer or support worker is expected to be able to exhibit a number of essential qualities and abilities, including the following ones:

  • Excellent knowledge of care principles, including the importance of respecting a patient-centered approach.
  • Capability to obey rules and regulations that have been set forth both by the residential home and by the government.
  • Having respect for the inherent value and dignity that each person possesses
  • Maintain your professionalism and honour at all times.
  • Excellent communication abilities, such as attentive listening, for example.
  • Dedicated to assisting people in need, particularly those who are vulnerable.
  • Capable of working under pressure and adaptable to change.


  • A minimum of a Level 2 NVQ is required, but a higher level is preferred.
  • It is required that the candidate have previous experience providing care, and they must be able to provide relevant references from within the last five years.
  • You will have an advantage if you receive training in areas such as health and safety, food hygiene, medication, infection control, and safeguarding.
  • Not only is this training highly recommended, but current employees are eligible for any and all training opportunities.
  • Documentation proving eligibility to work in the United Kingdom
  • DBS check that is current and good.
  • The written and spoken forms of the English language are both of high quality.

Full-time and part-time jobs are available.


*Pay rates that are highly competitive in the market.

* Schedule flexibility

*There is parking available on the premises.

*Work shift of ten hours.

*Work a 12-hour shift

*Work an 8-hour shift

*Day shift

* From Monday to Friday

* Work late at night

*Weekend availability

Cannan Limited may be the appropriate place for you if you are interested in a career in the health and social care profession and are enthusiastic about working as part of a team that cares about making a difference while offering great services to customers. For more information: